Part I – The Outer Critic …

This morning, before doing my normal body & soul practice “moving my body the way it wants to move with do-in tao yoga, capoeira, boxing, dancing, sensual movement and meditation’’ I got lost in facebook scrolling.

My mood went from happy and grateful for my life to a big cloud over my head of depression and what a f#$@cked up world we live in.

It was not so much all the opinions, it was the judgement and crucifixion of other people with another opinion that definitely hit me.

Also me I am not free of judgement, as this post probably also is, but It struck me how hard these written words come across, I felt it in my own body.

I am really wondering if some people pause and breathe before they throw their guts over somebody else?

Ofcourse also this is part of the world we live in, but to me it was a big confirmation as to why I removed facebook from my phone last year and why I need my daily practice.

I just did, and now I am good again, happy to start this new day

Wishing you a beautiful day full of (self) love 

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