Do you want to connect deeper to yourself or your partner?
Do you long to feel more free in your body?
Then this is the place2be…

My name is Silvia and I organize workshops and give private sessions that give you the tools to see yourself or your partner with new eyes. This will give space to let go of conditioning around what is allowed and what not and how this should look like.

The way you experience your intimacy, but also your whole life will change if you start living your life based on what your really love and desire.
If our sensual life energy can flow freely, you will feel the freedom in your body.

I use elements from tantra, coaching, bodywork, kink and my big passion shibari or kinbaku. Everything that is needed to connect deeper to yourself or each other.

I love to create places where you feel freedom to explore yourself and each other and where you can connect open and for real.
I hope to meet you one day! 

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About me

In Natural Bliss my passion for freedom in sexuality and my passion for diving deep into consciousness and awareness all come togehter. I believe being conscious and sexuality go hand in hand. By liberating yourself from conditioning, blocked emotions, taboos and shame, you can connect deeper to yourself and others.

In my workshops and private sessions I like to create spaces where you are allowed to be yourself, where you can move freely, where you can connect open and vulnerable with each other, a place where you can explore all your edges and flavors, your sensuality and sexuality, free from conditioning and at the same time consciously aware of yourself and your surrounding.

From international management studies and a career in business to an Ashram in Thailand, a holy mountain in India and yoga in Mexico, my exploration is endless.

I have done schooling in conscious sexuality & healing like chakra therapy, massage, tantra, shibari and coaching. I have explored and experienced the freedom in sexuality, intimacy and relating and have been studying the path of consciousness in many different ways. From kinky to tantra, martial arts and dance, meditation and yoga, It is an endless road with beautiful and confronting encounters along the way.

The past 8 years I have studied tantra and my big passion, shibari or kinbaku. Behind these forms of intimacy lies a philosophy, a way of living, ways to discover yourself, your body, your desires. Of everything you like and everything you do not like. These are all beautiful forms of connecting in which really being present with each other, taking responsibility, learning to feel again, stepping into your own strength and vulnerability are being touched.

I have learned from many great teachers and sources of inspiration. At the same time I learn and feel support from my daughter, my friends, my family, my partner, all previous relationships and lovers, my sister groups.

Also I let myself be inspired every day. Sometimes the biggest wisdom can be found in the smallest encounters.

In connection to ourself and others lies intimacy, exploring boundaries, personal growth, how to give or receive, trust, our self image and self confidence. There is so much to explore and I love to do this together.


       Last friday me and my man were at an event of Silvia and we had such a nice time. I am a 'head' woman, yes I am in charge, but also I am always in my head. All the years of practicing Tantra and woman's work I worked on 'how to get out of my head into my body quickly'.
Not only to be able to experience everything more deeply, like food and making love for example, but also to feel more flow in my creative work.
In het first half hour of the workshop with Silvia I landed deep into my body and all my senses were wide open! So wonderful! And at home we could repeat this in the weekend.
Finally a new way to step into connection, intimacy and sensuality with ease and without my usual awkwardness. Instant fun!"


        Would I recommend this to others?
I just tell about my own experience with so much passion that I start to shine. It makes everybody curious"

       Discovering a new world in a playful way, or is it discovering yourself? 
It is about loving connection"


       We really landed well this week: we were able to keep the flow & feel in the tsunami of our erupted working season. Every day we take time to 'sit', 'look', 'feel'.

We were just standing in the dooropening to our backyard and both felt the same: freedom to be with everything we are. Breath freely, without the layers. 

We will get back to you, with new questions and desires but with the same intention: "deep connection from a space a freedom".

Deep bow to your guidance... 

Edward & Mylène

       It is really special what has happened and is still happening. It is so wonderful to feel that fear can be an invitation to more freedom!
I came home very relaxed and the days after I felt both relaxed and strong, buzzing of energy and we experience a new freedom and joy in our (sexual) intimacy.
Since the weekend we have only tied each other up in our fantasy, but we feel a simmering sensuality and freedom.
Deep layers have been touched and ideas of what is not allowed have come to the surface. We can now express it and this brings even more connection and freedom and more realness between us.
I never expected that a weekend like this would bring that, I thought "nice, let's try an exciting fun weekend".
It brings real growth and also an awakening of our sexual and life energy (or is that the same?...)"


       It was a special shibari-week. Fun, energy and surrendering to.... yes, to what actually? Lots of thanx, again, for your initiative and presence.
It could not have been done without you is what you said. Those words have much power and tell me something about your view on life, how your realize that everything is connected. Nice to know and also to feel this connection. The magic returns through this.
Life runs through me more conscious now, I feel the love inside myself and around me, I feel trust and space for playfulness. What a joy and beauty. Mmmmm.
I intend to play with the (energetic) field of making a connection more, and maybe I will include the shibari ropes.
You have touched and inspired me and my girlfriend!"

Rob 55, Utrecht

       Time to literally connect to yourself and others, to feel and express my bounderies and also expand my boundaries.
Real joy!"

       I really recommand people to experience surrender and connection in such a renewing way"



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