It’s a new day

The energy in the world is very strong at this moment, everybody can feel it, opinions, separation, it is intensifying.
It is really too much, I rather not feel it.

But… I made a commitment…
To myself, to my daughter, to all beautiful people I know, the spirit world, the universe: I am creating a new world!

This is what I wrote in a small workgroup ‘manifesting with purpose’ some time ago:
I am love, depth, connection and playfulness.
I bring love for the body and love for spirit.
I bring shadow and light.
I am secret agent of the new world.
I am creating a new world and invite other people to join me.
I do this through workshops and private sessions and by being who I am.
I visualize and create places where this will get even more space.
It’s a new day!

And this is what I do every day.
And I feel very blessed to be connected to so many beautiful others, who are living life from a space of love and connection.
Creating, sharing, helping, wanting the best for the world.
I know together we will continue to bring so much more of this.
Love rules!

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