Tantra & Shibari in France
22-29 August 2021

This is a special week diving deep into playfulness, stepping out of our minds into our bodies, exploring boundaries and letting go of control.

We will combine a nice holiday at the beautiful venue Sadhaka in France, with a workshop full of depth and playfulness.
The beautiful surroundings, togetherness, sharing nice food all add to an unforgettable and lasting experience.  Continue…

Shibari basis rond def

Tantra & Shibari Basics
new dates to come in fall

Shibari or Kinbaku is a beautiful erotic art of connecting through ropes.
Tantra is an exploration of our consciousness by meditation, breathing and experiencing touch.
During this day workshop we will give you the tools to experience both.

We will create a safe space to explore and expand your boundaries. Both tantra and shibari are without a goal and give room for a conscious exploration of your possibilities. Continue …

Knoop voorbeelden Shibari rond 2

Tantra & Shibari Continues
new dates to come in fall

The possibilities of Shibari or Kinbaku are endless and there is so much to explore, more techniques, playing with polarities, feeling empowered and leading your partner in surrender.

You do not need complicated knots to make a deep connection, however the receiver will be able to go deeper in surrender if they feel you know what you are doing. Continue …


Tantra & Shibari Experience weekend
17-19 December 2021

We are very happy to invite you to this deep and playful Tantra & Shibari weekend workshop. This weekend is about connecting and finding new and playful ways to connect.

Tying, being tied, massaging, experiencing, exploring boundaries, ‘leading and surrender’, dancing, meditation and playfulness are the ingredients of this weekend.