I am so loving that we are heading into this new world where expressing, loving, opening up, showing ourselves with every feeling we have is more and more allowed and even appreciated.
We can express our sexuality, our creativity, our intellect, our inner being, our emotions, our uniqueness.

But all this also comes with learning ‘how to’ express from our authentic being.
Who is this being?

We have learned to cover up, think twice, don’t show, shut up and more…
And so we are learning to connect to and expand from a place we don’t really know.
We are discovering our deepest inner worlds, the shadow and the light, our small and our big…. if we allow it.

Being able to show all this inside turbulent, emotional, not so happy part of me and show my vulnerability to others and take it out of my shadow where it wasn’t allowed, I could heal the shield I had around me to cover up my pain.
Crying on a friends lap or sharing my deepest fears, showing my feeling of total worthlessness, has totally softened me and made me love myself more and more.
Going past my fears and show up for everything that wants to happen or be expressed in my life is another big one that has really changed my world.

I still struggle with days where I don’t like myself, but I can now hold myself more and more when I feel that way. Having been able to show this to others has helped me to love and hold myself more.

I can now sit with myself, dance with myself, play with myself and cry while doing it, and give myself the nurturing I need.
I am proud of myself for facing it all.
Thank you so much to all fellow travellers on this journey!

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