The Garden of Eden

A deep dive for couples who like to (re)discover each other in intimacy and love 

In the beginning of our intimate relationship passion is flowing freely, we don’t have to do much for it. We feel happy and full of energy.

Fastforward some time later, our routines kick in and our pink glasses are replaced by a mirror. Our intimate relationship is thé place for our passion and life energy to flow freely. At the same time it is a mirror that can be confronting.
To keep our intimacy, our love and our sexy life energy alive, we need to give it attention and stay curious…

This weekend is for exploring yourself and each other in a conscious and playful way.
We will play with different forms of intimacy, elements from tantra, tao, shibari and conscious kink. A playground to experience what you like.

We learn to listen to the language and secrets of our bodies.
We will explore touch, arousal and relaxation.
We will play with intensity, sensual and sexual energy, with breath, with naughtiness. We will give and receive, lead and surrender.

We will touch on topics like: What opens you up? What closes you down? What are your deeper longings? How do you like to be touched? Do you dare to show yourself fully? How can you be present with each other?

We make space for all that comes up, for communication practices, for relational patterns you encouter.
You are invited to find and follow your own and each others rhythm and pace.
You are free to engage this weekend, you do not have to do anything you do not like.
In a group with other couples you can learn and support each other, you can see and be seen.

This retreat is a present and a deep dive for you as a couple.
As a team we are there to guide you on this journey.

Is this workshop for me?

This weekend is for couples in all constellations, for everybody who wants to explore more love, more intimacy, more freedom.

This weekend is about exploring and deep diving in yourself and your relationship in a group where respect for everybody’s boundaries and desires is very important. Some of the exercises you are invited to exhange with others, however you can always choose to stay with your partner only. This retreat is about ‘sex’, it is about intimacy, playfulness and connection. 

Who are we?

This weekend is guided by myself, Silvia together with Mariëtte & Jalbert, the founders van Love Bubbles and School of Love.

In our collaboration Mariëtte brings beautiful rituals. She is the woman of structure and a frame. She feels where there is need for transformation so our sexual energy can flow freely. Jalbert lives in the moment, feels everything, sees everything and keeps harmony.
Besides her playful presence, Silvia adds skills like shibari and conscious play, in order for couples to feel and explore polarities.

My whole life is an inquiry around connection, intimacy and sexuality. Everything I transmit comes from personal experience, infinite exploration and curiousity.
In my work I challenge others to find their own essence, their own rhythm, their own sexy life energy and connect from there to others. 
I use different forms of body awareness to connect to all sensations in our bodies. Elements from tantra, tao, shibari, conscious kink, emotional bodywork, also movement like do-in tao yoga, martial arts, dance. Everything necessary to experience freedom in yourself. 
And the more I allow myself to feel and experience everything deeply, the more my life energy is flowing, not from my head, but from my body, my passion, my soul. I like sharing this with others.

Mariëtte & Jalbert
Mariëtte is body oriented sexologist and Jalbert is entrepreneur and life artist.
Two lovers, one mission: remind love couples that sex is meant for making love.

They are the founders of Love Bubbles and School of Love.
“Both in our own relationships and in the couples we guide, we see that large part of the discomfort that arises in our relationships has to do with being able to feel and communicate our longings and boundaries around sex and intimacy. 
If you start understanding and learn to play with these themes, sex becomes a pleasure based experience in the relationship. This way our love can grow.

We share the path we have explored and walk ourselves with others. This makes our transmission practical, down to earth, with humor and empathic.

Practical Information

Thrusday 6 July till Sunday 9 July
Arrival on Thurday from 17.00, diner is served from 18.00 and we start 19.30
Friday and Saturday we have a full day and evening program. Friday night we are having a Tantric temple night.
Saturday night we have a playparty.
Sunday we close at 16.00.

The pleasant and warm venue New Eden, surrounded by beautiful nature.
A cozy living- and diningroom with a fire place.
Private rooms with bathroom and toilet.
Sparjeburd 2,
Hemrik, Netherlands

You are completely taken care off with vegetarian meals, snacks, fruits and drinks.
The passionate cook and staff take care of delicious biological and vegetarian meals.
If you have special diet wishes, please let us know when registering.

For every couple there is a private room with bathroom and toilet, including bedding and towels. Also 3- or 4 person bedrooms are available.  

The price for the retreat is €895,- per person all inclusive

Registration is possible via this link
If you have any questions, f.e. if this traning is for you or what to expect, you can contact Silvia.

If necessary we can ask you for a PCR or home test just before the retreat, this can also be an antigen test.
If the retreat is cancelled due to government regulations, we will give you a full refund or you can use your payment for a future event.

Upon registration we ask for a 275 euro deposit pp, 5 weeks before the retreat we like to receive the remaining amount, you will be informed at the time.

Cancellation >10 weeks before the retreat, you will receive your money back.
Cancellation between 10-2 weeks before the retreat –> transfer possible to another event.
Cancellation < 2 weeks before the retreat –> unfortunately no refund possible, only if we can fill up your place you will receive the full amount minus €50,- admin costs.