Touch yourself

Exploring ourselves intimately is such a deep, liberating, fun and challenging path to follow.
Showing our vulnerability, our greatness and our true hearts is something we learn by taking it step by step.

We all have our own little buttons, fantasies and preferences.
Partly this is who we are and partly it is influenced by the relationships we had when growing up. 
Besides taboos or conditioning around intimacy it is the things we missed, simple touch or cuddles, maybe emotional availability of parents that can influence the way we treat ourselves and also what we are looking for in an other being.

If we discover new ways of connecting to ourselves and others – maybe learning to touch differently, try out some fantasies, being held or holding somebody – we are giving our self the chance to change our perception of intimacy and also bring new life energy in our bodies.

Togetherness and mirroring brings beautiful gifts. And at the same time showing up for ourselves and learning to be fully and unconditionally present in our own bodies gives us the self love we need to be able to show ourself fully to others.

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